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In the growing field of the plug-in petrol-electric hybrid technology of today and tomorrow, known as the Range Extender Hybrid Vehicle (REHV), the CITS engine can run at its sweet spot rpm, where it can be super-efficiently tuned and emissions-controlled, and take advantage of its ultra-low friction and inertia when it is automatically stopped and started. For these situations, the CITS engine has no rival in sight.

For the recreational, outboard and motor-cycle NTS engine markets, the CITS’s reduced carbon emissions and shorter crankshaft length provide significant cost, weight and balance benefits for manufacturers and owners. CITS PL presents a rare investment opportunity in a sound engine technology for decades to come, based on proven-fundamentals, with details of a share offer available in an Information Memorandum. The CITS technology is covered by an appraisal of an internationally recognised authority.

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