Investor Information

We have released a formal capital-raising document ( The Information Memorandum) offering 35% of Cits Engineering PL, the company owning the patents in twenty countries. Details of the patents and countries are given on page 10 of the “Engine Overview” link above. $4.0m is sought, to provide the funding of the final phase of the technology by world specialists, and for marketing the data by royalty agreements with the world’ s engine manufacturers, over a few years. The multiple returns for success  and the limited risks are detailed in the document. Please click HERE if a copy of this document is required.

The capital is allocated to the following:

  • Optimising the engine with direct injection, available only from world leaders in this highly specialised science.
  • Recording the engine’s vital data under scientifically controlled conditions, which will be respected by the motor industry.
  • Publishing this in technical publications which reach those whose attention is in high demand.
  • Marketing this CITS technology to the motor industry and engine manufacturers, globally.
  • Funding the administration of the company until its objectives are maximised.
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