Revolutionary 5th Generation Two-Stroke Engine Technology


Smarter Engine Design

The CITS engine technology provides the basis for a lighter, smaller, smoother, lower cost, petrol (or LPG) engine per kW, whilst eliminating the usual mixing of oil with the petrol for lubricating a two-stroke, and the associated pollution from exhaust emissions of that burnt oil.

Green Engine Technology:

In the growing field of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) technology of today and tomorrow, the CITS engine can run at its sweet spot rpm, super-efficiently tuned and emissions-controlled, and take advantage of its ultra-low friction and inertia. This feature also applies to the huge market for portable industrial power units, such as generators and water pumps.

CTIS Engine Technology

Also for the recreational, outboard and motor-cycle NTS engine markets, the CITS’s reduced carbon emissions and shorter crankshaft length provide significant cost, weight and balance benefits for manufacturers.
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